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Skinny Tan

SkinnyTan Pink Velvet Tanning Mitt

SkinnyTan Pink Velvet Tanning Mitt


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This velvet double-sided tanning mitt creates a flawless finish, every time, streak-free, evenly distributing and blending the tan into the skin.

Thanks to the seamless design, there will be no streaks or visible lines - just a perfect finish. Our best self tanning glove also protects your palms from any stains thanks to the waterproof lining, making your life much simpler.

It's iconic and a best seller for a reason!

Why you'll love it:
✔️ Velvet soft luxurious texture
✔️ Waterproof lining to keep hands from getting dirty
✔️ Seamless for a flawless finish
✔️Long lasting and machine washable

Way of use :

1. Apply any of our self tanners to the glove.
2. Apply the product to the skin in circular motions, one area at a time.
3. Continue as needed until the tan is fully applied and blended into the desired area.
4. Rinse after use with warm water and allow to dry.

    TOP TIP : Machine washable and long lasting. Clean glove = perfect results!

    Fabric Composition : 14.7% TPU, 19.6% PU Sponge, 61.44% Polyester, 2.42% Elastic, 1.84% Cotton.

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