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Monoi Tiki

Monoi Tiki Vanilla Jar, 120ml

Monoi Tiki Vanilla Jar, 120ml


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In Tahiti, monoi is in liquid form all year round. but in temperate countries, it becomes solid when the temperature drops. Monoi Tiki Tahiti has created the classic Monoi Tiki in a jar. When cooled, the monoi solidifies inside and you don't need to heat it to liquefy. Simply take the amount you need with just your finger or a cream-like spatula. On the skin, monoi melts instantly and you can enjoy its moisturizing properties.

It is available in a 120ml package, easy to use even in the winter when it solidifies.

How to use : On the skin, Monoi hydrates the surface layers of the skin for an immediate and long-lasting effect. On wet skin after showering, skin remains hydrated and silky.

To treat dry or damaged hair, apply Monoi and wait for 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly after application to remove any traces of oil. Hair becomes shinier and stronger.

As a body massage, it deeply relaxes muscle tension.

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