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JOVO Fox Suitcase Junior

JOVO Fox Suitcase Junior


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Level up your manicure with our manicure case for children! This case contains everything you need to create beautiful nails at home. From polishes to embellishments, this set has everything you need for flawless nails for any occasion.

3 nail polishes : The manicure case includes three high-quality polishes that provide a long-lasting finish and vibrant color. The polishes are available in a variety of shades so you can choose the perfect color to complement your style.

Nail file : The case also comes with a nail file that will allow you to shape and smooth your nails for a professional finish.

Finger separators : finger separators are designed to keep your fingers apart while applying nail polish. This ensures that the polish is applied evenly to your nails without smudging your fingers.

Nail Art Decorations : To add a special touch to your nails, our case includes a variety of nail art decorations such as gems, glitter and nail decorations.

Ring and bracelet: this case contains a ring and a bracelet to complete your look.

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