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Hand Sanitiser Hand sanitizer 100ml

Hand Sanitiser Hand sanitizer 100ml


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Hand sanitizer

It disinfects while leaving your hands soft.

Contains Vitamin E.

From 99% natural ingredients.

70% Alcohol

Kills 99.9% of bacteria

Unlike other hand sanitizers that dry out the skin, leaving your hands dehydrated and hard, I LOVE's Hand Sanitiser contains vitamin E and moisturizing ingredients that love the skin and keep your hands soft, hydrated but most importantly, spotlessly clean and bacteria free. Perfect for children's hands.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Put a small amount in your palm and rub your hands until dry.
Make sure you cover the areas between the fingers, around the thumbs, fingernails, fingertips and wrists.
When your hands are visibly soiled, first wash thoroughly (20'') with soap and water.

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