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Umberto Giannini

GROW TONIC Tonic lotion 75ml

GROW TONIC Tonic lotion 75ml


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If your hair is falling out or if you have difficulty growing it, the solution is Grow Tonic . It contains ingredients that will transform and revitalize the hair from the root such as caffeine known for its stimulating properties. The organically grown pea will revitalize the hair from the root, stimulate it and provide volume to the hair. In addition, it contains wheat protein, known for its soothing and moisturizing properties, and nutrients from the bottom of the sea that moisturize is exactly what hair needs to be healthy and grow fast!

How to use: Part and apply the lotion evenly throughout the scalp and gently massage the roots. It dries immediately and does not leave any greasiness at the root. Apply it before combing or at night to act while you sleep but apply it to clean hair that will have been washed or with Grow Long Shampoo or with it Grow Scrub as this way the ingredients will penetrate better into the root of the hair. Focus more on areas of the head where the hair is thinner and weaker or where you notice more intense hair loss to see the positive result faster.

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