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Cube Tropicana Foaming Bath Bar, 200gr

Cube Tropicana Foaming Bath Bar, 200gr


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What's better than a bath bomb? Liven up your bathroom with a fruity-bubbly bar that smells like the cocktail you'd like to sip by the pool. Watch the dreamy swirls of purple and blue take shape and relax. Warning: It smells so fantastic you'll want to eat it! But it's not edible!

Way of use:

Step 1: Break 1-2 pieces of the bar as if you were breaking a piece of your favorite chocolate.

Step 2: Throw them in your bath under running water for a bath that "bubbles" with energy.

We recommend that you take enough time to enjoy your bath and then follow up with the Jelly Berry Gel Lotion body cream to complete the experience.

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