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Candle Rubino 190gr

Candle Rubino 190gr


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A soft fruity and floral bouquet with modern Italian finesse

The clear glass base of the Rubino Scented Candle, printed with the Linari logo, is simple and elegant. The maple wood lid can also be used as a coaster for the candle.

As soon as the cap is opened, a modern fragrance with Italian twists pours out.
This room makeover is due to the patented MaxEssence system that Linari uses during manufacturing.
This means that the aromas of the Rubino Scented Candle are developed both cool and warm. Rubino scented candles draw their fruity power from tangerines, raspberries and melons. Bergamot brings a fresh breeze. Elegance comes into play through shades of musk and sandalwood.

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