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Candle Avorio 190gr

Candle Avorio 190gr


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Fine, clean fragrance that offers a distinct aromatic experience combined with soft aromatic notes of the Mediterranean.

Linari scented candles are incomparable.

The Avorio Scented Candle doesn't just emit a true scent.
Elegant yet sensual: these are the characteristics of the candle.
Linari embeds a precious fragrance into each candle so that it is released again and again as the candle burns.
Even when the candle is not burning, it emits a delicate aroma.
With a minimalist glass design and elegant wood lid, the scented candle suggests pure luxury and elegance.

The fragrance of Avorio Scented Candle is clearly based on the wonderful world of the Mediterranean region. Fruity mandarins, aromatic woods and subtle musky notes give it a long-lasting scent, which is embedded in the finest French wax.

Of course, Avorio burns evenly and without soot, like all Linari scented candles.
It burns for about 40 hours.
If desired, the Avorio Scented Candle can, of course, be used in conjunction with the entire Avorio product range for a complete Linari experience in your space.

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