Collection: Winter Care

In the winter season, the needs of our skin change due to the special conditions of this season. On the one hand we have the cold, which prevails outside, and on the other the heat in the interior spaces. This change in temperature each time causes a small shock for our skin.

At the same time, in addition to temperature, humidity levels and air also play an important role. During this time of year, cold air comes in and strips the moisture from our skin, leaving it dry, itchy and irritated. Under such conditions, being able to keep our skin shiny and smooth is a challenge.

All these factors affect the epidermal barrier, the upper layer of the skin, as a result of which our skin often feels tired and dehydrated.

The following product options, we believe, will help you, just as they help us to be able to face the various daily challenges in a simple way, such as moisturizing and caring for our lips, having soft and hydrated hands and smooth and shiny hair . Small weapons that will make a difference and help us face everyday life.