Collection: SUMMER

Separate care products that we have selected for you, taking into account the special care needs for the face, body and hair for the summer. We recommend the following 6 products for your toiletry bag
summer getaways:

1. Monoi Tiki Tahiti Glitter Quick Tan offers natural sun protection and contains tiny pearls of pearl glitter. It can be worn from morning at the beach to evening summer vacation walks.
It is available in two scents, the exotic coconut and the enchanting scent tiare, otherwise Tahitian gardenia.

2. For the sensitive eye area spf 50 cream The One for your Eyes Hello Sunday with anti-aging benefits and minerals that provide brightness to the look, protects against UVA/UVB rays and blue radiation and can therefore be worn from morning to the evening.

3. Glow Primer spf 50 Hello Sunday, the only product you will need from morning to night, contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin C and can be worn alone or under make-up, protects against UVA/UVB rays, gives shine and protection from blue radiation.

4. Lip Balm spf 50 Hello Sunday with hyaluronic for juicy lips, with balm and monoi oil is the ultimate protection for the lips from morning to night.

5. For the hair the 97% Natural Banana Butter leave in Conditioner Umberto Giannini , a moisturizing conditioner that does not rinse, a miraculous product that rebuilds the hair, strengthens it and stops frizz. You can also use it as a gentle "sculpting" cream to give them shape when they are dry or take it with you to the beach so they don't get dehydrated from the sea salt.

6. Finally, the ultimate product of the summer, Soft Tampons offer absolute and discreet protection during period days, allowing you to enjoy every day at the sea, the pool, the gym, dancing, the sauna and healthy sexual intercourse with your partner
With Soft tampons there are no more "difficult days". Only fun, sports, sea, love and freedom!

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