Collection: Iren Shizen

Ancient skincare rituals, for modern beauty.

Celebrating the pure beauty found in simplicity and naturalness, Iren Shizen is a Japanese, vegan & cruelty - free skincare brand that harmonizes ancient Japanese beauty rituals with the modern lifestyle.

All Iren products Shizen are enriched with the Biyusen ™ complex - derived from the thermal spring water of Hokkaido, Japan, known for its regenerative properties.

100% vegan & cruelty - free , Iren 's compositions Shizen are enriched with a high concentration of powerful active ingredients and natural extracts (95-100% of natural origin), and further enhanced with the patented Encapsulated technology Biyusen ™, ensuring optimal penetration by delivering active ingredients 10 times deeper and faster into the skin with a gentle time-release effect.

In addition thanks to their composition, Iren 's products Shizen , they can be mixed with each other or with other products you already use (day or night cream), thus multiplying their benefits.


What they have written about Iren Shizen

This brand it's vegan and has excluded the use of over 2000 toxic or potentially harmful ingredients . - ELLE

The composition of each product is designed to be safe for everyone, even for people with sensitive skin or during pregnancy . - NEW YORK TIMES

A Cruelty Free Skincare brand , which designed its products to target specific skin conditions (not skin types). There are over 35 unique combinations . - VOGUE