Collection: Diamond



Dyemonde by Vivian Pappa (Dye the world the way you like it) has seat her Athena .

A fashion story, a world of colors created in 2014 with the love, passion and imagination of Vivian Pappa.

Vivian Pappa is a woman who has always been in the field of clothing and fashion. At 28, she decided to found her own brand because she wanted to give her own color to the world of women. A world he creates by drawing inspiration from a smile, a flower, a landscape, from art and from the emotions he experiences.

The dreams took shape and created the Dyemonde woman, a free spirit who lives fiercely, makes her own rules, and constantly travels through space and time to invent herself and her own universe from scratch.

Each garment, the epitome of simplicity and elegance in their ultimate bohemian version, with attention to detail and quality that stands out.

The aesthetics of wanderlust and street style in a luxurious mix & match rock that makes the Dyemonde woman timeless and irresistible.