Soft Tampons: Τι διαφορετικό έχουν από όσα έχεις ήδη χρησιμοποιήσει;

Soft Tampons: How are they different from the ones you've already used?

What is;

Ta Soft Tampons is the latest in personal feminine hygiene. They are made of hygroscopic hypoallergenic material. They are small pink menstrual sponges made of super soft foam, in the shape of a heart. The organic shape gently fits the delicate female anatomy and makes the application of Soft-Tampons extremely comfortable.

The original Soft Tampons are – as their name suggests – very soft and, above all, particularly skin-friendly. Dermatological studies prove their excellent tolerance. Foam tampons are made of environmentally friendly material without additional chemical additives. Internal irritations are almost non-existent with Soft-Tampons.

This is confirmed by their certification according to STANDARD 100 of OEKO-TEX®.

This globally standardized and independent certification system meets the highest safety requirements according to Class 1. OEKO-TEX® has tested the materials for harmful substances:
Soft Tampons meet the strict criteria that also apply to baby cloths and are suitable for daily contact with your body without any hesitation!

Features & Benefits

With Soft Tampons, you can easily do sports, visit a spa or a swimming pool, not miss a day of your vacation at the sea and have sex during your period.

Let's see their advantages:

  1. They don't expand as they absorb menstrual flow (like conventional tampons), meaning they provide comfort even on heavy flow days.
  2. They do not leak during any activity and are absolutely reliable.
  3. It is a single use product. The product line is represented by 2 levels of absorbency and allows you to choose the one that is suitable for your situation.

Due to its soft texture and elasticity, neither you nor your partner will feel it. In addition to being imperceptible, it also eliminates the risk of vaginal tears or other discomfort. Unlike conventional tampons, Soft tampons do not have strings that come out of the vagina, so you don't have to worry about "something showing or sticking out".

The Soft Tampons is appropriate for you who:

  • You cannot use conventional tampons due to allergic reactions (in no study and research was there an allergic reaction to Soft Tampons).
  • You sweat excessively (pads make this problem worse).

How do you use them Soft Tampons ;

Soft Tampons are a much more convenient alternative to regular personal hygiene products. The main advantage of products of this type is absolute safety and reliability. Their application is as easy as conventional tampons.

Import Guidelines

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Remove the product from the packaging.
  3. Moisture: Moistening the tampon with a little lube or clean water will make it even easier to insert. However, before inserting the tampon, you drain the water to maintain its absorbency.
  4. Get the best seat for introduction: E.g. deep seat or sitting on the toilet.
  5. Grab the side of the tampon with two fingers and squeeze it.

You place your fingers on the underside and push it in just like a conventional tampon. The menstrual pad sits perfectly when attached to the cervix.

Removal Instructions

1. Wash your hands.
2. Take the best position for removal: sit in a deep seat with legs apart.
3. Press a little so that the tampon is pushed out. This works best when full.
4. Grasp the notch with one finger and pull out the tampon.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. How long can I wear the Soft-Tampon?

The period of wear must be adapted to the flow of the period. On days of high flow it is recommended to change after 3 to 5 hours, on days of less flow the Soft-Tampon can be worn for about 5 to 8 hours.

After intercourse without a condom, the tampon should be replaced immediately.

2. How can cordless tampons be removed?

The tampon can be easily removed by pulling it with your index or middle finger from the built-in grip straps. If it is still difficult, we recommend that you sit on a deep seat or sit on the toilet with your legs spread, as this will reduce the depth of the vagina from 9-10cm. in about 4-5 cm.

It is generally recommended to use the soft tampons on heavy bleeding days as a full tampon will become too soft and can be easily pulled out. If you can't feel the notch, just use your index and middle fingers as tweezers.

3. How often can I use Soft-Tampon?

Use each tampon alone once , as this will no longer guarantee hygienic safety and high absorbency and may lead to contamination. We therefore recommend that don't wash the soft tampon and put it back on.

4. Soft-Tampons look so big on me!

Soft Tampons are also available in "Mini". However, tampon material is so variable that it always adapts to a woman's body shape. Conventional cotton tampons swell while Soft tampons already have their final size. The foam of soft tampons can be easily compressed during insertion.

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