Skincare και Ζώδια

Skincare and Zodiac Signs

Find out what is the right skincare routine according to your sign.

Astrology shows us how our birth energy and planetary alignment influence our nature, who we are and how we function, highlighting our potential and challenges. Our zodiac sign can shed light on our love life and career, as well as being helpful when interpreting what ingredients we should be using on our skin. Below you will see the correlation between the zodiac sign and skin care.

Tip : Regardless of your zodiac sign, remember to always use natural, organic beauty and personal care products.


A fire sign, Aries is strong and tough. He is an ambitious, determined, hot-tempered person, prone to hot flashes, rashes and skin rashes.

Treatment : Keep your internal temperature low by using toners and mists, which you can keep in the refrigerator. So spritz often throughout the day, and you'll get the dose of aromatherapy you need and keep your 'inner ram' cool!

Must-have ingredients : Aloe, hyaluronic acid, cucumber, chamomile, lavender. Hyaluronic acid is the ideal ingredient for you, just remember that less is more, especially for this fire sign that tends to overdo it.

Recommended products: Mario Badescu , Hyaluronic Dew Drops , Jovo Oat Water


Earth sign Taurus tends to be conservative, patient, sometimes stubborn and can get stuck in routines that don't produce results and hold them back (you know very well you don't like change!)

Treatment : Change your skin care routine! If you're not seeing the results you want, try something new. Since as a Taurus you are prone to itchiness and dry skin, exfoliation is very important to you.

Must - have ingredients : Sea buckthorn, argan, sesame oil, sweet almond oil or tamanu oil to give your skin extra hydration and bring that glow back to your cheeks.

Recommended products : Monoi Tiki Tahiti Tamanu Oil , I Love Naturals Rose & Argan Hand & Body Lotion , Dirty Works Foam at last Foaming Body Scrub


Gemini, as an air sign, tends to be indecisive, curious and changeable. For the sake of your skin, stick to a beauty routine!

Treatment : Consistency in your skincare routine is a good thing, so make sure you find something that works for you and stick to it. Gemini is also prone to respiratory allergies, so choose skin care products with minimal ingredients so you don't upset both your throat and lungs.

Must - have ingredients : Rose water, aloe, sweet almond and jojoba oils would be perfect for nourishment.

Recommended products : I Love Scents English Rose Body Butter , Super Facialist Vitamin C Skin Renew Cleansing Oil


The most unpredictable of all signs, is a water sign and is Cancer. One moment he is caring, diplomatic and caring… after five minutes, he becomes emotional, tense and irritated! Hormonal? Maybe…

Treatment : Time for balance! Moisture loss seems to be a problem as well as skin sensitivity.

Must - have ingredients : macadamia, jojoba and sesame oils. Gardenia extract is known to improve the skin's moisture retention and promote firmer and smoother skin function.

Recommended products : I Love Wellness Destress Body Scrub , Mario Badescu Flower & Tonic Mask


Leo, a fire sign, is confident, creative and can be a bit bossy due to the dominant nature of this sign. You may have vanity and tend to make your purchases based on claims of quick solutions to skincare issues.

Countermeasure : Don't be swayed by advertising campaigns with unsubstantiated beauty claims. Remember that true beauty is cultivated from the inside out. Add healthy, organic products to your diet instead of wasting your time on beauty trends.

Must - have ingredients : Enjoy natural products containing sea buckthorn and jojoba oils. The rose, the queen of flowers, also suits the powerful Leo psyche. For appearance-conscious Leos, rose essential oils are packed with antioxidant activity to help fade scars and aid in skin healing.

Recommended products : Mario Badescu Rose Hip Mask , Super Facialist Vitamin C Sleep Reveal Night Cream


The earth sign, Virgo, is intelligent, practical, down-to-earth and tends to be quite the perfectionist. This can be tiring as you want to overanalyze situations, which can lead to anxiety and indecisiveness.

Treatment : Pamper yourself with a little beauty treatment. Choose skin care products that contain rose, chamomile, sandalwood and myrrh, which help soothe feelings of depression and stress. Herbal facial steam can help you relax.

Must - have ingredients: Chamomile, lavender, rose and orange are all calming ingredients that will allow you to focus on yourself.

Recommended products : Dirty Works Do not Disturb Sleep Set , I Love a Good Night's Sleep


Libra, an air sign, is charming, romantic and non-confrontational. You see both sides of everything, which can often lead you to indecisiveness.

Treatment : Commit to a skin care routine (even if only for a few weeks) and you will notice a big difference in your skin.

Must - have ingredients: Because you love all things beautiful, romantic and exotic, choose skin care products with these qualities. Luxurious ingredients such as coconut, shea butter and passion fruit are also an ideal choice. After all, it seems that you are ruled by Venus!

Recommended products : I Love Scents Exotic Fruit Body Butter , Dirty Works Tropical Rain Power Coconut Body Wash


Scorpio, as a water sign, is passionate, loyal, intense, emotional and sensual, but can also be powerful, jealous and fiercely stubborn.

Coping : Forgive yourself and others. Start by softening and softening yourself with a body oil.

Must-have ingredients: Use oils containing ylang ylang, monoi and vanilla to massage your body. Use an anti-aging face oil while doing face yoga for toning.

Recommended products: Monoi Tiki Tahiti Multipurpose Oil with Monoi and Ylang Ylang , Monoi Tiki Tahiti Anti-aging Oil Anti-age


As a fire sign, Sagittarius has an adventurous, independent spirit. Never one to shy away from risk, you always show enthusiasm for any event with your generosity and friendliness, but you are also prone to impatience.

Treatment : Due to your tendency to impatience and restless nature, the structure of a disciplined skincare routine is paramount. Cool your face with cold water immediately after waking up. Follow with a face toner and a cream that will provide you with all the necessary hydration. Since you tend to overdo it, keep the shape simple to balance out your Sagittarius nature.

Must - have ingredients: With a tendency to tension and stress, you need to keep your skincare routine simple. The best ingredients for you are argan, coconut, hyaluronic and grape seed.

Recommended products : I Love Naturals Bergamot & Seaweed Body Wash , Super Facialist Hyaluronic Acid Firming Super Lift Day Cream


The earth sign, Capricorn, achieves its goals due to strong ambition and a logical understanding of the road to success. Beneath the Capricorn's cool exterior lies a compassionate and loyal heart.

Treatment : You need to make time for yourself and your beauty routine. When you are all work and no fun, you are driven with mathematical precision to get hooked on negative things and thoughts. So it's important to remember that everything doesn't have to be perfect all the time. Simplify and reduce your routine.

Must - have ingredients: Look for stress-relieving aromatherapy essential oils like lavender, peppermint and myrrh. Uplifting scents like lemon, sandalwood and bergamot can soothe your restless personality. The perfect face oils for you are deeply moisturizing pomegranate, macadamia, tamanu, argan and rose oils.

Recommended products : I Love Naturals Tonka Bean & Myrrh Hand & Body Lotion , Dirty Works Bubble Trouble


Air sign Aquarius is the spontaneous free spirit who is ready to go anywhere at any time. He welcomes change and boredom is his enemy. Unconventional by nature, he craves fun and excitement, but struggles with mundane, repetitive activities.

Coping : You do not like to compromise and seek complete freedom of expression. For your skin care routine, choose something simple. A little cold water on your face in the morning and then a little moisturizing oil, a little sunscreen and you're ready. You have no time for routines and your unconventional personality rebels when you are forced to conform.

Must - have ingredients : Look for rose, neroli and citrus essential oils. For facial oils, prefer monoi, grape seed, macadamia and jojoba.

Recommended products : Monoi Tiki Tahiti Monoi Vanilla Oil , I Love Naturals Bergamot & Seaweed Hand & Body Lotion


Water sign, Pisces, is the dreamer of the zodiac. As one of the most creative, empathic and intuitive signs, you don't like confrontation and react strongly to the moods of others.

Treatment : Because of your selfless nature, it's easy to wear down physically, so it's time for some grounding and nourishing essential oils to bring you back to your base.

Must - have ingredients: Bergamot, rosemary, ylang ylang, lemon and patchouli are ideal for you. Facial oils containing jojoba, olive oil, and sweet almond are also a good choice.

Suggested products: The Solution Retinol Smoothing Body Lotion , Monoi Tiki Tahiti Multipurpose oil with Monoi and Ylang Ylang

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