Maskne: Τι είναι και πώς θα απαλλαγούμε από αυτήν;

Maskne: What is it and how do we get rid of it?

Acne flare-ups, pimples, irritations and dryness where you wear your protective mask? A brand new medical term is “Maskne” which comes from the words Mask+Acne and we have all come across it!

What exactly is maskne?

Maskne, mascne or, as dermatologists call it, acne mechanica are different types of acne that develop on the lower half of our face (the area covered by the face mask).

There are two main causes for this type of acne

The first is the friction of the skin with the mask. Friction disturbs the surface of our skin and begins to dissolve its protective "wall", making the pores clogged. Or even worse, causing a rash if we have sensitive skin.

The second reason for the formation of maskne is the moisture that forms under the mask when we wear it for a long time.

Of course, we must not forget that by wearing a mask, we protect ourselves and everyone around us. And we want to keep doing it. But we also want to keep our skin protected and healthy. That's why we recommend the steps to always have a clean, healthy skin under our mask.

How do we avoid Maskne?

The important thing is to keep our skin "happy" and healthy. And to do that, we should follow a simple and effective skincare routine.

The two most important steps are cleaning to get rid of all the pollutants that accumulate during the day and cause breakouts and h hydration to nourish our skin and help it maintain its protective shield.

Let's look at some useful tips and tricks for treating and preventing acne from the mask.

1. We choose the right face mask

To avoid flare-ups and irritations, we choose face masks made of light materials such as cotton, silk or satin or surgical ones (which we change every 3 hours). They trap less heat and moisture and cause less pressure on our skin. It is very important to change, wash and iron our masks.

This may be considered common sense, but there are many who simply let their masks dry in the sun – which may help get rid of the virus, but not the dirt and bacteria that remain in the fabric and cause acne.

2. We wash our face

We cannot stress more how important it is to cleanse our face regularly. At least 2 times a day with a mild cleanser, before wearing and after removing the mask.

We avoid aggressive products and follow a fixed cleaning routine .
The goal is to get rid of all the dirt, sweat and dead skin cells without damaging or harming the skin.

3. We avoid heavy makeup

We simplify our skin care – now is not the time for heavy products or makeup, especially during the day.

Let's also look at the positive side of the mask (less make up, less spending on lipstick 🙂 ). Opportunity to highlight our eyes!

4. We protect and moisturize our skin

Now is not the time to skip it moisturizing cream . We may think that because we sweat more we don't need it. Error! Keeping our skin well hydrated is the best way to boost the strength of its connective tissue and keep all bacteria at bay.

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