Collection: MONOI TIKI

Parfumerie Tiki was founded in 1942 and is the first company with authentic Monoi from Tahitian that has been supplying Europe, America and Asia for 70 years. Parfumerie Tiki brews in the same traditional way, as commanded by Polynesian tradition for over 2000 years, the original monoi without chemicals and artificial fragrances with an ancient recipe passed down from generation to generation. The creation of monoi oil is a sacred ritual, a traditional secret that takes a lot of care, love and patience. Tiki collects for you the most exquisite petals of the Tiare flower. They are then soaked in coconut oil on coral soil that is bathed in the hot Tahitian sun and then packed in Pet plastic bottles and glass containers for better product preservation. Due to its huge appeal, many competitors tried to copy it by creating synthetic oils with added coconut, vanilla and white flowers. For this reason, the TIKI company, in order to give its mark of origin and authenticity, places inside all its bottles a Tiare flower.

Monoi helps in cases of eczema, dry skin, psoriasis and hair loss.
As a cosmetic we can use it to remove face and eye makeup. It offers deep hydration and elasticity to the skin, fighting wrinkles and stretch marks.

Monoi soothes the skin and offers natural protection against the wear and tear caused by the sun and the sea. It is also the miracle product for the legendary hair of Tahitian women.