Busy-Bee Skincare Must-haves

Busy-Bee Skincare Must-haves

Discover beauty must-haves especially for you who don't have time to spare.

Busy-bee in slang is the person who is always busy with something and likes it. But by being constantly busy with various things, are you neglecting yourself? Do you feel that 24 hours is not enough for you?

The following must-haves, we believe, will help you, just as they help us to be able to deal with everyday life without having to spend hours on our beauty routine. Discover facial care products, from effective cleansing to moisturizing and antiaging, lip and hair care products. Small weapons that will make a difference and help us face everyday life.

Busy-Bee skincare routine

Start with a good cleaning

The first and perhaps most important step of skincare is cleansing. Proper cleaning though. And you might think that proper cleaning is a time-consuming process, with many steps and many different products... wrong. With a couple of simple products you can achieve a good facial cleansing and re-integrate this step into your daily routine.

Don't forget that the cleansing of the skin of the face must be done daily (especially at night). That's why we also recommend the products that will make the process, in addition to more efficient, easier, faster and more attractive.

Discover two must-have cleansing products from Alexia Zaradouka's AlexiaSkin Beauty that went viral on Dragons' Den below.

Don't forget anti-aging

Upgrade your skincare, with moisturizing, protective products that also contain SPF

It is now known that most skin damage is caused by the sun, combined with environmental pollutants, which not only create obvious problems but also issues that appear years later.

Investing in skincare products that provide high protection against sun rays, blue radiation (from screens) and environmental pollutants, is probably the best move you can make for the proper care of your skin.

Below you will find three products, enough to have a complete set of daily care and protection of your face.

Don't forget your lips

Love is in the Hair

What do you mean 'you don't have time for your hair'? Excuses! Whether you have dull curls that need revitalization, or you have hair that frizzes with the slightest trace of moisture, there is a suitable and effective product that will loosen your hands, both in a short time and for a long time.

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