All about Eve + Alexia Zaradouka = A match made in heaven

All about Eve + Alexia Zaradouka = ​​A match made in heaven

Find out everything about All about Eve's new collaboration with talk-of-the-town Alexia Zaradouka

A new year means new beginnings and new collaborations and in 2024 All about Eve finds itself in the happy position of starting an exclusive collaboration with Alexia Zaradouka, founder of the AlexiaSkin company and creator of AlexiaSkin Pads . Through this collaboration, the distribution of AlexiaSkin Beauty beauty products (pads and beauty oil) will be made exclusively through All about Eve and its network of partners.

Who is Alexia?

Alexia Zaradouka has been a beauty blogger for the last 10 years, and has worked as a beauty journalist in print, websites and TV shows while also getting to know hundreds of brands and products. Through her engagement with the beauty industry, she realized that this industry can show a pretty ugly face towards the environment.

As seen on TV

Alexia Zaraduka also recently participated in Dragons' Den, presenting AlexiaSkin Pads and managed to get funding from one of the investors.

What are AlexiaSkin pads?

The creation of AlexiaSkin Pads arose not only from her love for beauty but also from her inner need to contribute, through an industry she has been in for 10 years, to a better future for our planet.

In addition, Alexia believes that, although makeup removal is the first and most important step for skincare, as a step it is sometimes neglected and a little given, even by the brands themselves that produce corresponding products in their lines.

This is how the creation of AlexiaSkin Pads came about, after many tests, searches, changes, modifications, improvements, tests. Reusable make-up removal discs have been created very simply so that you don't get tired of removing your make-up, make the process easier but also respect the environment as an ecological alternative to disposable make-up removal discs.

It may be that using reusable make-up removal discs is a small step in your daily life and seems like something simple, but cumulatively, it has a big impact on the environment and is a big step forward.

Discover the entire AlexiaSkin Beauty range here .

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